The class I2C

For accessing the I²C bus, JControl devices provide the class jcontrol.comm.I2C, which implements the methods read and write to acquire or send single characters or complete byte arrays via the I²C bus. When instantiating this class, the slave address of the connected I²C component is passed as a constructor parameter. A detailed description of the I2C methods may be seen in the API documentation.

The following Table conveys a short overview of the methods of the class jcontrol.comm.I2C.

I2C(int address)Used to create an instance of the class I2C. This is related to the connected hardware by the given slave address.
read(byte[] data, int index, int length)Reads (status) data from the I²C periphery and writes it into the passed byte array data. The array will be filled with the specified amount of bytes (length), beginning at array position index.
write(byte[] data)Sends data or commands to the I²C periphery.
Table 2: General methods for communicating with I²C components

To keep the example as simple as possible, the class LM75 will be implemented during the next section. This extends the class I²C and takes care of the the communication with the periphery.