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About JControl

The continuous increase of the demands on embedded systems results in more complex and universal microcontrollers and consequently in more complex software.

JControl drastically optimizes the software development process for embedded systems. Even though JControl is using JAVA™ as programming language for applications, it allows the use of small, cheap and power-saving embedded systems. This is possible because JControl's JAVA™VM is so lean, it can even be implemented on an 8-bit microcontroller.

JControl is based on JAVA™ because JAVA™ has decisive advantages compared to other programming languages, as object-oriented programming, robustness, easy software maintenance, platform independency, automatic memory management and multi-threading.

JControl's special feature is the support of a large number of APIs to control various peripheral devices, fieldbus systems, graphical displays etc. It has specific features for applications in measurement, control and automation.