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Download - JControl/IDE

The Integrated Development Environment JControl/IDE is available as JAVA™-package, "out-of-the box" installation package for Windows and Linux platforms and as plugin for Eclipse.

The JControl/IDE contains everything you'll need to develop your own JControl applications - Besides all the well-known JControl tools, like PictureEdit, FontEdit, MelodyEdit, PropertyEdit and the Simulation Environment JControl/ISE, it integrates also a comfortable JAVA™ Editor, a full JAVA™ Compiler, Project Manager as well as the Upload and Download features to program all JControl Devices.

Furthermore, the JControl/IDE comes with the latest device profiles, a complete API Documentation and a comprehensive collection of JControl/Examples and Demos.

JControl/IDE   3.3.5   2008-05-15PlatformSize
Installation package for Windows
49,1 MB
Installation package for Linux
Needs GTK2
61,9 MB
Eclipse Plugin
Please install using the Eclipse Software Update Manager.
* MB
JAVA-based distribution package (JAR files)
Eclipse/SWT and RXTX have to be installed separately (see below)
27,1 MB
Read installation instructions
additional installation instructions for Linux