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Development Tools

For the design of JControl based applications there is a lot of free development software available.

The JControl/IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the main development environment for JControl. It contains a set of integrated tools to create JControl applications easily. The IDE possesses an included compiler that translates Java source files automatically on saving. At the push of a button projects can be uploaded to a connected JControl device.
Since release 3.2.0 the IDE includes even a device browser that serves direct access to both system settings and the device's flash memory banks.

  •  JControl/Simulator:
    The simulator is started inside the IDE and makes it easy to test JControl applications on the development PC.
  •  JControl/PictureEdit:
    PictureEdit may be executed both as a self-running application or inside the IDE. This tool can create and edit image files in the JControl Image Format (JCIF).
  •  JControl/FontEdit:
    FontEdit can also be run as an independent application as well as inside the IDE. This editor can create fonts in JCFD format. As True-Type Fonts can be imported it is possible to display any fonts on JControl devices without effort.
  •  JControl/MelodyEdit:
    MelodyEdit creates iMelody files to play small music samples on JControl. Using the midi import function even developers without any musical skills are able to play their own favorite melodies on their JControl devices. Even MelodyEdit may serve as a self-running tool.

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