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Vole Tutorials

The examples below demonstrate the usage of JControl/Vole for creating graphical user interfaces.

Example that demonstrates how to show an analog clock using Vole. (2kB)
Programming Vole analog meters with varying properties. (2kB)
Example program that uses BarMeter and Thermometer components. (2kB)
Using Vole's BigImageMenu for implementation of attractive user interfaces. (2kB)
How to use Buttons, CheckBoxes and RadioButtons with Vole. (2kB)
Programming Vole ComboBox and NumberChooser components. (2kB)
This example draws a Vole Diagram on the screen. (2kB)
Using DigitalMeter and LCDMeter for displaying digital values on the LCD. (3kB)
Sourcecode demonstrating the usage of Vole's event handling mechanisms. (2kB)
A Vole histogram displaying random values. (2kB)
Check out this example to learn how to use Vole's labels and borders. (2kB)
Using lists and text areas with Vole. (2kB)
This demo uses the Vole MenuBar to display a user menu with text items. (2kB)
The MultiImageMenu enables you to build attractive menus with image buttons. (3kB)
Use the slider and scroll bar components to beautify your user interface. (1kB)
With Vole's TextMenu component, you can easily implement scrolling menus with multiple choices. (1kB)