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Coding Examples

The examples below demonstrate the basic features of the JControl platform, like accessing the display or the various I/O ports.

Draws "Hello World" on the LCD. Shows basic programming techniques. (290kB)
Shows how to draw images on the screen and how to use customized fonts. (295kB)
Plays the "Entertainer" by using JControl's iMelody class. (62kB)
Shows a way of creating menu driven user interfaces without relying on a separate UI-framework (e.g. JControl/Vole). (50kB)
Small application that draws an animated JControl logo on the LCD. (57kB)
Example code demonstrating how to switch a relay with JControl's hardware I/O Pins. (13kB)
Generate pulse-width modulated signals with JControl. (45kB)
Use JControl's analog-to-digital converters for reading analog input signals. (51kB)
This example implements a rs232 terminal application. (10kB)
Exchange data with an I²C-connected serial EEPROM using JControl's I2C class. (34kB)
Use JControl/PLUI's integrated power-line modem to turn a power-line remote plug on and off. (36kB)