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File Formats

Here you can find details of JControl's graphics, font and music formats.

Fonts (JCFD)
The JControl Font Definition is a pixel-based font definition format that was specially designed for embedded systems with limited system resources.
Currently, two versions are available:
The 8bit format, especially adapted to system equipped with the JControl 128x64 pixel FSTN LC display and low system resources.
The 16bit format, designed for larger displays and embedded systems with more system resources where larger font scales are more adequate.
File: JControl_FontDef.txt
File: JControl_FontDef.pdf

Images (JCIF)
The JControl Image File (JCIF) formal supports color resolutions from 1 to 32 bit per pixel. Images with a 1 bit color resolution are specially designed for usage on JControl devices with a monochrome display. Images with a higher color resolution are generally only supported by color or grayscale displays.
File: JControl_ImageDef.txt
File: JControl_ImageDef.pdf

Melodies (IMY)
For storing melodies, JControl uses the iMelody format as specified by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA).
File: iMelody.txt
File: iMelody.pdf