The Integrated Development Environment JControl/IDE

This tutorial explains the usage of the integrated development environment JControl/IDE. It contains everything necessary to create your own JControl applications. The integrated tools range from a JAVA™ source code editor, a compiler, a simulator, special editors for images, fonts and melodies to a programming interface for uploading applications to JControl devices.

In this chapter you will learn how to create projects within the JControl/IDE, add files to them, simulate them and how to up- and download applications to and from a JControl device, respectively.

Chapter 1 gives an overview over the different integral parts of the development environment. The project management (creating, modifying, compiling of projects,...) will be explained in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 explains the usage og the integrated editors for JAVA™ source codes, images, fonts and melodies. Chapter 4 deals with the JControl/Simulator, which allows the simulation of JControl applications before uploading them to a JControl device. Chapter 5 introduces the new Device Browser and finally, chapter 6 will give a short overview on the Terminal.